Apps for people living with HIV

HIV iChart – This application can search for potential drug-drug interactions between HIV medications and other medications. Results are presented as a “Traffic Light” system (red, amber, green) to indicate the recommendation. A brief summary of the interaction is given, along with a grading of the quality of evidence (very low, low, moderate, high. The application is available free of charge and has been developed by the HIV Pharmacology Group at the University of Liverpool through support from MSD, the Elton John AIDS Foundation and Janssen. Available for iPhone/iPad and Android.

iStayHealthy – iStayHealthy is the free Android app for people living with HIV. iStayHealthy allows people with HIV to: store lab results, HIV medications and any supplementary medications, review relevant results (CD4, CD4% and Viral Load) in simple charts, and rotate your device to see both CD4 count terms. Available for iPhone/iPad and Andriod. – is the complete resource on HIV/AIDS. THis app brings you’s top content, including the latest news, research, personal stories from people living with HIV, and other HIV-related information on a wide array of topics.’s mission is to help improve the quality of live for all people living with HIV. as well as their care providers, loved ones and allies. Available for iPhone/iPad and Android.