PrEP is a once-daily pill for HIV-negative people that offers protection against HIV. PrEP is even more effective when combined with condoms and other prevention tools.

PrEP is affordable. A new Ohio program makes PrEP free for most Ohioans.

PrEP includes taking medication, getting regular HIV/STI testing, and having open and honest conversations with a doctor or nurse practitioner.

PrEP is for anyone who is okay with taking a daily pill to prevent HIV. High-risk populations encouraged to consider PrEP include:

  • Gay and bisexual men
  • Straight and bisexual women of color
  • Trans women
  • People who inject drugs
  • People in a relationship where one person is living with HIV

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PRE = Before
EXPOSURE = Coming into contact with HIV
PROPHYLAXIS = Treatment to prevent an infection

PrEP does NOT protect against other sexually transmitted infections and is NOT a vaccine.

Wondering if PrEP is right for you? Call the OHIV Hotline at 1-800-332-2437 and ask for the PrEP Health Navigator in your region.

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