Get PrEP for free. PAPI, a new Ohio program, makes PrEP free for most Ohioans.

How do you qualify for PAPI?

  • Have a negative HIV status
  • Live in Ohio
  • Make less than $62,450 annually

What does PAPI pay for?

  • Office and medical co-pays
  • Lab work co-pays (for HIV/STI testing and routine blood work)
  • Prescription co-pays not covered by other programs
  • Medical services for people who are not eligible for insurance
  • Health insurance premiums

What other PrEP costs are there?

Your PrEP Health Navigator will help you cover the cost of PrEP medication through your health insurance and/or medication assistance programs.

Contact the PrEP Health Navigator for your region for help accessing all of these services. You can also complete an online self-referral form to request that a PrEP Health Navigator contact you to complete an application.

Learn more about other PrEP assistance programs.