Living with HIV is serious, but you can absolutely take steps to keep yourself living a long and healthy life. If you have already been diagnosed with HIV and are looking to have someone guide you through this process or if you are looking to return to treatment, you can find local case management services by visiting our Care and Services page.

Letter to Newly

Finding out that you are living with HIV or have AIDS can be an overwhelming experience than can cause you to feel afraid, confused, and angry. Having these feelings and moving through acceptance is a normal part of learning to live with HIV/AIDS. Over time, many newly infected people learn ways to help them deal with their HIV/AIDS.

If you are newly diagnosed and want to learn how to live well with HIV/AIDS, it is important to empower yourself by understanding as much as you can about your diagnosis and to make lifestyle changes than can help you improve your long-term health.

This page can help you empower yourself to deal with HIV/AIDS and take control of how you feel and live. There are many local agencies that can assist you with medical appointments, support groups, and other services that you may need. When reading about HIV/AIDS, you will find that you are definitely not alone. Please always feel free to call the Ohio HIV/STD Hotline for referrals and support.